Radionics Crystals

What it is Radionics and how crystals work?

Radionics crystals are small spheres radionic programmed to emit an electromagnetic frequency of eight thousand angstroms. This programming is done electronically dowsing and radionics frequently printed in crystals is considered the frequency balance of human beings ranging from 6500 to 8000 angstroms. The frequency of Radionics crystals is measured by dowsing, called biometer bovis.

The crystals act as stimuli radionics instruments and follow the same principles of acupuncture needles and mustard, widely used in ear acupuncture but radionics crystals to be programmed and devoid of negative energies have a big advantage compared to other methods.

How do Radionics crystals work?
Everything vibrates, no matter whether it is organic or inorganic. Everything that exists has form and vibrates at a natural frequency, production of all types of radiation.

Radionics crystals

We are responding often physiologically, emotionally and intellectually to the radiation reaching us, so when we are in perfect balance, our cells and molecules resonate harmonically, but the internal or external harmful radiation can generate a series of imbalances.

When radionics crystals are applied to the points and / or points of micro reflex systems acupuncture plus reflexology physical stimulus, which induce the body to enter a frequency of not less than eight thousand angstroms, the frequency of harmony and balance , according to dowsers.

In emotional aspect of radionics crystals act in nociceptive psychosomatic frames (emotional pain), emotional trauma, phobias, pain and repressed emotions.

Research has shown the ability to treat and remove excess weight, do support the treatment of chemical dependency, improve athletic performance and studies, in addition to the elimination of unbalanced biochemistry, caused by fears and phobias. The crystals act Radionics rebalance the functioning of all body systems. These are the main benefits of Dowsing and Radionics. Understanding what works and how dowsing and radionics.